Live Your Freedom

Founded on Oct 10th, 2022, Live Your Freedom began our outreach in communities and carried a message of hope to all that needed to hear it. Our trials, suffering, and hardship has forged our objective, giving us a testimony of how we turned all things bad to good. Our pain has been given a purpose - to provide safe havens for all that may come and find us.

Many areas in the United States lack a real solution for addiction, mental health, homelessness, prison re-entry, and suicide. This includes establishing support meetings, providing counseling, creating sober living areas, transitional homes, and homeless centers that provide educational and vocational training. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to heal from the pain and suffering they have endured. We aim to present those opportunities throughout the United States.

 Find Your Purpose, Live Your Freedom.

Our Mission

We are a group of people who have walked through the fires of Hell and have come out on the other side carrying buckets of water for those consumed by the flames

Our Purpose

To ignite hope in the embers of despair by providing sanctuaries and solutions to rebuild lives from the ashes - one heart at a time